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Ndifor Ache

June 20th 2017

hi 3 star(s)

I used learn to book during my front office supervisory modules at sallynoggin college' its was very easy to learn and study with

Destiny Victor

June 20th 2017

hi 5 star(s)

I use mondrago on my check-in class and take off class ,it was really educative and easy to use website ,I really love it teaches you everything you need when working in travel industry,in a very easy and simple way ,so professional, I could say that using mondrago to learn how to be a travel agent,learn2book and learn2checkin is the best,and I enjoyed every bit it

Jenni Webb

June 20th 2017

hi 5 star(s)

Bit tricky at first but once I finally got used to the system it was no bother at all

Lisa Madden

June 20th 2017

hi 5 star(s)

Used mondrago good to learn new stuff easy to use

Jason Tomlinson

May 9th 2017

hi 5 star(s)

I used this amazing site as part of my HNC HOSPITALITY qualification at Ayrshire College. My lecturer informed me that previous students really struggled with Front Office Procedures (unit title) due to not using this site. But now that the lecturer has included Learn2BookARoom, students in my course are really enjoying it, and it's easier. Thanks to the founders for helping me complete my course and making it that little bit easier!

Samantha Bailey

April 23rd 2017

hi 5 star(s)

Jordan Farrell

April 4th 2017

hi 5 star(s)

Melissa Sullivan

March 20th 2017

hi 5 star(s)

Stroe Mihaela

March 16th 2017

hi 5 star(s)

Ana Durkan

March 15th 2017

hi 4 star(s)